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Typically, skates will need to be sharpened after 5-6 skates. If you look at the blades and see signs of damage (i.e. nicks or burs) it is probably time for a sharpening. Additionally, if you run your finger along the edges lightly it will help you feel any burs or nicks.

Depending on what skate you are looking for will better determine your skate size. In a hockey skate, the size of the skate is 1.5 sizes smaller than the persons shoes size in both senior and intermediate sizes. In junior and youth sizes it is just 1 size different.

Although many parents are excited to get their infants on the ice as soon as possible, it might not become reality. While walking can start as early as nine or ten months of age, the balance, understanding and presence probably will not be there until after two and a half years of age, even for the greatest of the greats. That’s when we recommend waiting until, however, if you decide to get them out, make sure to take the proper precautions.

Hands down that’s the question we hear the most in the store. Whether trying to figure it out for yourself or trying to get your young player the most out of their equipment, finding the flex for you comes down to a couple things.

First and foremost, the calculation of half of the players body weight is probably the best place to start. However, there are several other factors to keep in mind. Height, age, body mass, stick length, shooting type (slap, wrist, snap) and even the type of player, from sniper to playmaker, defenceman or anything other, come into play the more advanced the player is.

But why does it matter?

How much it matters, is up to the user. However, if your stick is too stiff, shots will lack power. Too light a flex will give you a wet noodle and controlling your shot will be difficult. Finding yourself in the incorrect flex for your game could limit your abilities.

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