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Ice hockey teammates on the ice in a line wearing branded apparel


Get it how you want it.

Stand out from the crowd and get your Brand noticed! Teams, Schools, Associations, Businesses, big and small let us take the worry out of the process. Design, list and sell your apparel here at Boulton’s Replay Sports. Give ease to the customer and allow orders to be done at any time. Singles to large run – whatever your group needs.


More than just a retail store, it is the services we provide which allow us to stand out from the crowd. Starting with our Boulton’s signature
approach to equipment fitting, we pride ourselves in making sure we go the full distance in dealing with every customer.

Custom apparel

Custom Apparel

Embroidery on a hat


Silk screening

Silk Screening

Equipment repair


Skate sharpening

Skate Sharpening

Ice hockey skate fitting

Custom Skate Fitting

Equipment fitting

Equipment Fitting


A proudly family owned and operated company.

Boulton’s Replay Sports, has been committed to its customers from the start. Offering a vast selection of both new and used sporting goods, at the best prices around, we are dedicated to getting the whole family into the game – and it has been that commitment to giving our customer the best service has been our driving goal since our inception in 1993. From the very elite, to the most novice players, getting started late or upgrading to the latest and greatest, Boulton’s Replay Sports prides itself on being able to have what you want and need to perform your best.

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Assortment of used ice hockey equipment


When the concept for Boulton’s Replay Sports was first conceived times were a little different to say the least. There was no, or very little access to, the internet, smartphones were only on Star Trek, the Toronto Blue Jays were champs and the Toronto Maple Leafs were true Stanley Cup contenders. (That was a high stick!)

It was also a time when Used Equipment became essential for people to justify the ever-rising cost of participation sports. But it wasn’t always the easiest. Unless you had a big family and got hand-me down from siblings or cousins it usual came to special garage sale finds or over the local swap magazines in the print-age.

However, the concept Paul and Barb came up with back then was a little different and has proven to be a benefit to the local sporting community for over the nearly 30 years the store has in operation. With our unique consignment arrangement, players, especially families with multiple children, can really see their quality used product become something completely new.

What people are saying!

“I started getting back into hockey, I went into the store to get the remainder of the equipment I needed. The help I received was amazing, there was no pressure to buy anything. The employee took the time to help me try on multiple things, just to make sure I got what I came in for. I will be coming back here for anything I need in the future.”

“Best place to get skates sharpened hands down. A family business that cares. Great prices and amazing service. This is always my first stop for supporting goods.”

– Frank

“Only place I go for used sports equipment, save yourself some money and buy used!! These guys have been at it for years and have saved me hundreds of dollars. Good gear, good price and great repairs.”

– Craig

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